bakery-page-photo1Certain brands are targeting different areas of the market, be it the luxury end or children’s snack market. This differentiation is being achieved through the introduction of new and innovative packaging styles.

As a result, manufacturers require a supplier with the ability to design solutions which are often bespoke and comprise of different technologies and packaging concepts.

Together with our partners, we are able to supply manufacturers in the Bakery Sector with a range of solutions for both Primary and Secondary packaging. This allows us to offer complete downstream picking and packaging solutions. Whether the product is bread, biscuit, cake or pastry, there are a range of options we can consider.

Our range of robotic pick and place systems allows us to handle naked or wrapped product, picking from moving belts and collating or directly packaging the product. The utilisation of vision technology allows us to not only register the position of products but also to grade and reject as necessary.

To complement our picking solutions, we are able to supply a range of flow wrapping, cartoning, sleeving and case packing options.

bakery-page-photo-2Our particular strength in this market lies with our partners who are incredibly innovative in terms of machinery design and the use of new technologies. Dedicated test benches allow us to assess the suitability of our robotic technologies when handling your product. In addition, we are also able to use our own in-house designers to customise or advise on packaging styles for certain products.