Our experience in this sector is in supplying flexible and high speed packaging and palletising equipment followed by LGV pallet handling and warehousing solutions.

We are able to supply a range of medium and high speed packaging and palletising solutions for bottling and canning lines. This ranges from traditional case packing, shrink wrapping and palletising equipment to bespoke cartoning and sleeving applications.

brewery-content-photoWe are able to supply flexible sleeving (board) equipment to handle bottles and/or cans with a variety of sleeve designs depending upon customer requirements with speeds in excess of 450 sleeves per minute. This is in addition to our carousel and robotic ‘vertical loading’ cartoning equipment for delicate and high value bottles. In Scotland we have supplied a number of machines to various distilleries handling PET flasks and glass bottles containing whisky and other spirits.

Our offering in this market is comprehensive with the ability to integrate 3rd party equipment thus providing a turnkey system supply.

Warehousing is another strength of ours in this sector with our partners having supplied some of the largest and most complex warehousing and automated picking installations globally. Please see our Warehousing page for more details.