lgvs-contentLGVs can operate on a 24/7 basis without requiring human intervention. No longer is it necessary to block access to areas of your site with floor mounted conveyoring systems as LGVs offer the benefit of providing unrestricted, safe access to all areas. An LGV installation can grow with your business allowing you to add new routes and additional vehicles with relative ease.

Today LGVs are being used for far more complex and delicate operations than originally considered.

We are able to supply a wide variety of LGVs depending upon the application. Single, double and quad vehicle designs allow us to cater for most requirements.

The ability to offer fork or flat bed handling LGVs means that we are not limited to a single technology. Our fork handling vehicles can be supplied with high reach masts to lift pallets into racking in excess of 10 metres.

We have experience of installing LGVs as part of an integrated solution allowing us to collect from palletisers, feed to stretch wrappers and then put away into an automatic or manual warehouse. User friendly software allows the customer to easily view and manage a fleet of LGVs and track individual pallet movements.

Our objective is to supply you with the best technical solution. You should be aware that LGVs are not always the best option for a particular material handling application. Given our ability to supply monorail, shuttle car and conveyoring systems we can offer unbiased feedback on the best technical solution for you.