sandaloWarehouse and picking automation requires investment, evaluation and detailed planning. If done well the benefits can be measured in terms of cost savings, storage capacity, order fulfilment and increased throughput.

These projects should be approached objectively. Unlike some, we are in a position to consider a complete range of technologies for high bay and low bay storage meaning that we can analyse your requirements before proposing the solution which we feel is right for you.

We approach these projects in a consultative way, gathering and analysing your storage, shipping and/or picking data before starting to consider what might be the best technical solution to meet your needs.

We always start with an initial analysis of your requirements based upon a small but representative sample of data. This helps to give our customer initial feedback on the possible technical solutions and budgetary costs before agreeing to proceed to a more detailed analysis of the project.

If you or your business has been considering investing in a warehouse why not allow to us to conduct an initial study which will allow you to assess the storage capacity, footprint, throughput and financial implications associated, as a first step.

  • High Bay Warehouses
  • Low Bay Warehouses
  • Order Picking Solutions
  • LGV’s
  • WMS – Warehouse Management Systems
  • FRS – Shuttle car based, Multi-deep storage
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Case studies/references