The dairy sector requires an increased level of machine specification demanding high efficiency, complex packaging styles and stainless steel construction. Typically dairies have little space and require a high level of flexibility in their production lines making this a challenging market.

As well as our references in the UK, across the world our partners have literally hundreds of filling, packaging and palletising installations within the dairy sector.

When it comes to turnkey supply, the dairy sector is the market where we have a particular strength. Able to supply fillers, sleevers, packers and palletisers amongst other ancillary equipment, there are few companies better placed to consider your project. Please see below a description of the equipment we are able to supply for dairy applications.



We are able to supply a range of rotary pot filling machines suitable for the dairy sector allowing us to fill, seal and cap preformed pots. If required we can also advise on suppliers or propose solutions for high speed linear filling of individual pots or multi-packs (preformed or FFS).

Our range of Gable Top Carton filling equipment is suitable for filling fresh and ESL (Extended Shelf Life) products. We can offer a range of base sizes and filling volumes from 200ml mini cross section base size up to 2 litre with or without screw cap.

For the filling of bottles, we are able to offer a low/medium speed, rotary filler for filling preformed plastic bottles with a range of liquid and semi-liquid products. This is a UCS or Ultra Clean machine with sanitisation, filling and capping within a single, small footprint machine.


Packaging and Palletising

Sleeving is a particular strength of ours with the ability to sleeve individual or multi-pack products into a variety of sleeve designs at speeds of 100 – 450+ sleeves per minute. We are able to glue top or bottom, stack and mix products within the sleeve using conventional technologies or with the addition of robotic picking systems which also allow precise orientation within the sleeve.

Certain products do not lend themselves well to sleeving and so we also offer the option of cartoning which allows less rigid packs such as pouches to be multi-packed.

In addition, there is a range of case packing and shrink wrapping options available to us depending upon the product and packaging style required. We have experience of packaging individual bottles, cartons, pouches and pots into full wrap around cases, open trays, tray and hood, tray and shrink or conventional shrink wrapped bundles.

We have supplied a number of sites with complete crate packing lines including de-palletiser, de-stacker, crate washer, crate packer and palletiser.

In terms of palletising, we have the full range of layer, robot and gantry style palletisers and pallet handling systems with references for all models operating within the dairy sector.


Ancillary equipment supplied:

  • Cooling tunnels/ cooling cells
  • Lane dividers and conveyors
  • Tray erectors, 20-120/min
  • Tray erector with insert
  • Straw, Cap and Spoon applicators
  • Labellers and Inkjet coders
  • Metal detectors
  • Trolley packers