Fromfroid is a French company founded over 40 years ago which specialises in rapid cooling systems, air treatment and industrial refrigeration. Fromfroid has developed customised cooling cell and cooling tunnel technology.

The systems are designed to chill a wide range of products including yogurt, cream, butter, cheese, salads, fruits, ready meals etc handling a range of pallet sizes. Fromfroid is also very experienced in the field of conditioning and cheese maturation technology used primarily by specialist cheese makers.

The Fromfroid cooling cells enable products to be cooled very quickly, often 50% faster than conventional cooling tunnels and blast chillers, whilst still achieving considerable energy saving at the same time. The cells can be adapted for every kind of pallet guaranteeing perfect air tightness around the product thus ensuring fast and efficient cooling. The cells can be supplied in modular form so can be placed singly, in rows or stacked on top of each other as required.

Fromfroid appreciates some manufacturers prefer to use more conventional systems for handling their products so they have developed a range of compact cooling tunnels which are designed to be both flexible and highly efficient. Large scale installations often require a level of automation which can be provided with the integration of shuttle cars and LGVs.