filling-content-photo1Gable Top Cartons

Fillers available to run from 1,000 – 12,000 cartons per hour for fresh, hot fill and ESL (extended shelf life) products with volumetric and DDF (double diaphragm filling) systems.

A large variety of base sizes and volumes are available. The smallest is the mini cross section base at 57x57mm for volumes up to 500ml all the way up to the 91x91mm or 95x95mm bases for 2,000ml capacity cartons.

Our fillers are sold on a ‘machine only’ basis with no contracts relating to material supply. That said, we work with all of the leading material suppliers and would be happy to assist you in this area if required.


Bottle Fillers

We are able to supply small footprint, rotary bottle fillers for fresh and ESL (extended shelf life) products.

The filling system is able to accurately fill volumes up to 1,250ml with its Multi-Purpose Piston Filler. This piston filling system is not affected by viscosity, making it ideal for a variety of products.