Packaging technology has come a long way in recent years allowing products to be packed in a variety of shelf ready and innovative formats.

We have a range of robotic picking solutions suitable for use in primary packaging applications. Our robotic systems utilise the latest in head design, vision and tracking technology in order to provide our customers with a fit for purpose solution.

For secondary packaging we are able to offer case packers, shrink wrappers, cartoners, flow wrappers, sleevers, multi packers, robotic pick and place solutions, trolley packing and crate packing systems. Our partners are genuine machine builders so every piece of equipment has an element of personalisation given the customers’ requirements or product characteristics.

We have experience of handling naked product, bottles, jars, tubs, pots, pouches and cartons and as such we can be regarded as a supplier of packaging lines to most market sectors.

Picture4The choice of technical solution whether it’s for primary or secondary packaging will vary depending upon budget, payback, integration, running costs, footprint, future-proofing and marketing considerations.

Often packaging projects involve more than one machine so it is not unusual for us to supply equipment as a complete line, on a turnkey basis. So for example, for a filling line we could propose a sleeving and case packing solution and for a new bakery line we might propose a pick and place system, flow wrapper and cartoner.

If you have a primary or secondary packaging project please contact us and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

  • Case / Tray Packers
  • Sleevers
  • Cartoners
  • Shrink Wrappers
  • Robotic Pick and Place
  • Multi Packers
  • Crate / Trolley Handling
  • SRP
  • Turnkey EOL Solutions