tecma-pageFrench machinery manufacturers Tecma Pack and Aries Packaging have come together to form the Tecma Group. Both companies were founded in the early 1990’s and over recent years have been partners on numerous projects involving “end of line” packaging solutions.

Aries Packaging based in Troyes initially specialized in the design of high speed, servo driven sleeving and packaging systems for the dairy and beverage sectors. More recently Aries has moved into other market sectors such as general foods, bakery and pharmaceuticals following heavy investment in their robotics division.

Tecma Pack established itself by developing compact equipment for lower speed applications mainly concentrating on tray/case handling, packing and palletising.

There is a natural synergy between the two companies enabling the Tecma Group to offer a variety of integrated solutions designed to meet their customers varied requirements. Whether it is a basic case packer for pots or a high speed pick and place system for biscuits, the Tecma Group has a wealth of technologies and experience to offer its customers.

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